Bay Sweets and Gifts in Whitley Bay Near Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Customer Notice:-
We are closed from 10th January 2017 until 8th February 2017, we will re-open on the 9th February, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Normal Opening Times:-
Sunday Closed
Monday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Tuesday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Wednesday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Thursday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm
Bank Holidays Usually Closed

New sweets – just arrived in our shop

We are always getting new stuff in, so keep checking back. We have about a 1000 types of sweet so just ask if you cannot find anything.

Stock Title Category Manufacturer Date Arrived
Orange and Lemon Creams Rock Ross 22nd February 2017
Cherry Twists (wrapped) Boiled Sweets Barnetts 22nd February 2017
Sherbet Blackcurrants Boiled Sweets Barnetts 22nd February 2017
Sherbet Oranges Boiled Sweets Barnetts 22nd February 2017
Sherbet Raspberries Boiled Sweets Barnetts 22nd February 2017
Ginger Rock Sticks Rock Ross 22nd February 2017
Giant Gobstoppers Boiled Sweets Kingsway 22nd February 2017
Dutch Sugared Liquorice Twirls Liquorice & Aniseed Donkers 16th February 2017
Dutch Double Salt zouts Liquorice & Aniseed Matthijs 16th February 2017
Foam Teddybears Jellies, Foam & Gums Kingsway 9th February 2017
Blue and White Dolphins Jellies, Foam & Gums Kingsway 6th January 2017
Haribo Tangfastics Jellies, Foam & Gums Haribo 13th December 2016
Fruit Sherbets Mixed (Barnetts) Boiled Sweets Barnetts 13th December 2016
Chocolate Limes (Barnetts) Chocolate Barnetts 4th December 2016
Sugar Free Oranges and Lemons Sugar Free Barnetts 16th November 2016
Fruit Sherbets (Tilleys) Boiled Sweets Tilleys 10th November 2016
Christmas Chocolate lollies Chocolate kingsway 9th November 2016
Skippers Liquorice Pipe 16 pack Liquorice & Aniseed Skipper 9th November 2016
Dairy Milk 200g bar Chocolate Cadburys 9th November 2016
Jakemans Blackcurrat jar Boiled Sweets JAkeman 3rd November 2016
Sour Cola Bottles XXL Jellies, Foam & Gums Damel 29th October 2016
Fizzy Draculateeth Other Stuff Kingsway 29th October 2016
Bonkers Banana Spray Liquid Candy Rose 27th October 2016
Milkybar polar bear Chocolate Nestle 27th October 2016
Smarties Penguins Chocolate Nestle 27th October 2016
Jameson Raspberry Ruffles/Caramels 220g boxes Chocolate Jamesons 27th October 2016
Kinder Surprise Eggs Chocolate Kinder 27th October 2016
Halva Finish Strawberry Liquorice Liquorice & Aniseed Halva 18th October 2016
Aniseed Rock Maxons Rock Maxons 15th October 2016
Fruity Pop Lollies Lollies Swizzel 13th October 2016
Watermelon Bubblegums Chewing & Bubble Gum Fini 13th October 2016
Montezuma Charlies Luck Hot salted peanuts chocolate bar Chocolate montezumas 6th October 2016
Dinosaur lolly pops Lollies Sweet Boutique 6th October 2016
Tricolour Fruit cones Jellies, Foam & Gums Sweet factory 6th October 2016
Lions Football Gums Jellies, Foam & Gums Lion 28th September 2016
Strawberries Jellies, Foam & Gums Kingsway 24th September 2016
Carol Anne Honeycomb Bites Chocolate Carol Anne 24th September 2016
Pokerfruit Sugar free Sugar Free de Bron 17th September 2016
Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble gum (American) American Wrigley 14th September 2016
Hubba Bubba Strawberry and Watermelon Bubble gum (American) American Wrigley 14th September 2016
Hubba Bubba Dr Pepper Bubble gum (American) American Wrigley 14th September 2016
Coffee Creams Hard Candy Ross of Edinburgh 14th September 2016
Sour Frogs XXL Damel 6th September 2016
Lion Poor Bens Lion 6th September 2016
Sugar Free Dutch Liquorice – Soft and Sweet Sugar Free De Bron 26th August 2016
Round Lolly 125g (swirly) Lollies Kingsway 25th August 2016
Paint splash Lollies Candy Factory 25th August 2016
Dutch Liquorice Cats Liquorice & Aniseed Meenk 23rd August 2016
Berries Jellies, Foam & Gums Kingsway 23rd August 2016
Beach mix Jellies, Foam & Gums Kingsway 23rd August 2016
bay sweets and gifts inside the shop

all american treats at bay sweets

christmas tree table with gifts

our popular sweets gift boxes born in the sweets

our new sweets diplays, like allsorts

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Getting there

By car, just head for Whitely Bay, park up and head for Park View, it’s the street with all the estate agents!  Parking is free for an hour on Park view and there is a lot of low cost Parking around in Whitley Bay generally. Travelling by Metro? Both Monkseaton and Whitley Bay Metro stations are Close, have a look at the map above.