American Sweets

American Sweets or American Candy? I’m far to British to use the word candy! We now have a large selection of American sweets in our shop and they will be put on line in the coming months. The ones we have forced ourselves to sample are very good. Sampling the sweets is a duty we have to perform to ensure complete customer satisfaction! The picture below shows the selection in the shop, come and visit!

american sweets selection

There are sweets or candy that we have never seen before, but which our customers seem to know very well perhaps from their visits to the USA. We have all heard of M&M’s but Peanut Butter Flavour (sorry flavor) these are really very good. Durkee Vanilla Marshmallow Fluff, this is new to us, it is apparently spreadable marshmallow I’m yet to sample this one, later this week perhaps. We have all sorts of Wonka sweets including everlasting gobstoppers, which unlike the film I have to say, do not last forever, but they are good none the less. There are Twizzlers of all varieties and Nerds in four flavours. We have a customer who travels 20 miles to get to the Twizzlers.
The full list of American sweets now stocked in our shop is in the list to the right; they are all imported from the USA and so are a little more expensive than British sweets, but not too expensive, we keep the cost as low as we can.

American Sweets – American Candy
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Twizzlers- Strawberry
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Everlasting Gobstoppers
Wonka Nerds- Grape/Strawberry
Wonka Nerds- Lemon & Apple sours
Wonka Rope
Charms Blow pops
Durkee vanilla Marshmallow fluff
Jolly Rancher bags
Laffy Taffy Cherry
Laffy Taffy Banana
Tootsie roll- treat size
Cherry Twizzlers
Rainbow Twist Twizzlers
Wonka Bottlecaps
Wonka Fruit Runts
Watermelon and Wildberry Nerds
Durkee Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff
Hersheys Milk Duds
Laffy Taffy Rope- Grape flavour
Laffy Taffy Rope- Strawberry Flavour
Laffy Taffy Stretchy- Blue Raspberry
Laffy Taffy Stretchy- Watermelon
Lifesavers- Wintogreen
Lifesavers- 5 flavour
SweeTart Roll
Sweet and Sour Twizzlers
Rainbow Nerds
Wonka Chewy Gobstoppers
Wrigleys Big Red Gum

Our American Sweets Gift box

american sweets selection

Below is our current database of American Candy. It is quite accurate, but the American sweets do sell out quite rapidly, so if you are making a special trip to the shop for an item, it may be an idea to call us first (0191 340 8799) to make sure what you want is in stock.

Title Category Maker
Milk Chocolate Pretzel Flipz Sweets
Wonka Rainbow Nerds (family box) Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Blue Raspberry Chews Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Cherry Chews Sweets Wonka
Million Dollar Bar Sweets Bartons
Wonka Laffy Taffy Strawberry Chews Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Sour Apple Flavor Chew Sweets Wonka
Wonka SweeTart Rolls Sweets Wonka
Wonka Nerds Rope Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Grape Chews Sweets Wonka
Cookie Dough Bites- Fudge Brownie Sweets Taste of Nature Inc
Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers Sweets Wonka
M and Ms Almond flavour Sweets M&M
Wonka Nerds– Grape & Strawberry Sweets Wonka
Wonka Sour Nerds Sweets Wonka
Twizzlers- Strawberry Sweets Twizzlers
Wonka Laffy Taffy Banana Chews Sweets Wonka
Three Muskateers Sweets Mars
Snickers Almond Sweets Mars
Jolly Ranchers Fruit Chew Box Sweets Jolly Ranchers
Cookie Dough Bites- Peanut Butter Sweets Taste of Nature
Wrigleys Hubba Bubba- Dr Pepper flavour Sweets Wrigleys
Wrigleys Hubba Bubba- A&W Root Beer flavour Sweets Wrigleys
Wrigleys Hubba Bubba- Strawberry and Watermelon Sweets Wrigleys
M&Ms- Birthday Cake flavour Sweets M&M
Warheads- Chewy Cubes (Theatre box) Sweets Warheads
M&Ms- Pretzel Sweets M&Ms
Wonka Nerds Very Berry Rope Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Bars – 3 flavour Sweets Wonka
Wonka Watermelon & Wild Cherry Nerds Sweets Wonka
Tootsie Roll- Small Counter Display Sweets Tootsie
Hersheys Hazelnut Bar Sweets Hersheys
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs Sweets Reeces
Jelly Belly- Pancake and Maple syrup Sweets Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly- Frozen Icicle Mix Sweets Jelly Belly
Milk Duds Large Box Sweets
Minions Sour Gummies Sweets Taste of Nature
Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles Sweets Dr Pepper
Kennys Dr Pepper Twists Sweets Kenny
M&Ms- Crispy Sweets M&M
Wrigleys Hubba Bubba- Triple Treat Tape Sweets Wrigleys
Warheads- Worms (bag) Sweets Warheads
Pop tarts – Choc Chip Cookie Dough Sweets kellogs
Warheads- Sour Twists (theatre box) Sweets Warheads
pop tart – Smores(choc/marshmallow) Sweets kellogs
Twizzlers- Pull n Peel Cherry Sweets Twizzlers
M&MS- Peanut Butter Theatre box Sweets M&M
Hersheys Reeces Pieces Sweets Hersheys
Cookie Dough Bites– Moon Pie Bites Sweets Taste of Nature
Wonka Laffy Taffy Mystery Swirl Chews Sweets Wonka
Wrigleys Extra Choc Chip Sweets Wrigleys
Hersheys Cookies & Chocolate Sweets Hersheys
Wrigleys Extra Root Beer Sweets Wrigleys
Wrigleys Lemon Square Gum Sweets Wrigleys
Hersheys Cream & Chocolate Sweets Hersheys
Lucky Chams Cereal Box Sweets Kelloggs
Hersheys Nutrageous Sweets Hersheys
Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sweets Just Born
Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy Bags 198g Sweets Jolly Rancher
Wrigleys Extra Sweet Watermelon Sweets Wrigleys
Nerds Rainbow Throwback Sweets Nestle
icebreakers- Fruit Sours Sweets The Hershey Company
A&W Root Beer Twists Sweets Kennys Candy Company
Jolly Ranchers- Cinnamon Fire Sweets Jolly Ranchers
Wonka Laffy Taffy Theater Xmas Sweets Wonka
Oh Henry Sweets Nestle
Wonka Nerds Surf & Turf Sweets Wonka
Wonka Runts Sweets Wonka
Tootsie Pop Lollipops Sweets Tootsie
trident wild blueberry twist flavour Sweets Trident
trident watermelon twist flavour gum Sweets Trident
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Sweets Reeses
Wonka Runts 51g box Sweets Wonka
Wonka Chewy Runts Sweets Wonka
Wrigleys Extra Bubblegum flavoured gum Sweets Wrigleys
Twizzlers- Watermelon Sweets Twizzlers
Grape Vine Twists Sweets Red Vines
Cookie Dough Bites- Birthday Cake Sweets
M&Ms Dark Chocolate Sweets M&M
Milk Duds Standard Size Box Sweets
Twinkies Sweets Hostess
Ferrara Red Hots Kicking Mango and Lime Box Sweets Ferrara Pan
Wonka Wildberry Peach Nerds Sweets Wonka
Toasted Marshmallow Creme Sweets Solo
Twizzlers- Rainbow Twist Sweets Twizzlers
Wonka Bottlecaps Sweets Wonka
Wonka Nerds Apple/Watermelon & Lemonade/Cherry Flavour Sweets Wonka
Wrigleys Extra Rainbow Sherbet Gum Sweets Wrigleys
Lucky Charms Cereal Bars Sweets Kelloggs
Hersheys Dark Chocolate Sweets Hersheys
Reeses white peanut butter cups Sweets Reeses
Tootsie Roll 64g Sweets Tootsie
Pop Tarts- Hot Fudge Sundae box Sweets Kelloggs
Pop Tarts – Cookies n Cream Box Sweets Kelloggs
M&Ms- Peanut Butter Sweets M&Ms
Hersheys Milk Duds Sweets Hersheys
Jolly Tropical Flavor Fruit Chews Sweets Jolly Rancher
Peanut Butter Twix Sweets Mars
Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Candy Bars Sweets Mars
Hubba Bubba Grape Crush Bubble gum (American) Sweets Wrigleys
American Fluff- Strawberry Flavour Sweets Fluff
American Fluff- Raspberry flavour Sweets Fluff
Hersheys Whoppers Sweets Hersheys
Swedish Fish Candy Sweets Cadbury Adams
Muddy Bears Sweets Taste of Nature Inc
Coconut M&Ms Sweets M&M
Airheads Blue Raspberry Sweets Airheads
Airheads Cherry Sweets Airheads
Airheads Green Apple Sweets Airheads
Airheads Mystery Sweets Airheads
Airheads Pink Lemonade Sweets Airheads
Airheads Strawberry Sweets Airheads
Hersheys Milk Chocolate Kisses Sweets Hersheys
Airheads Watermelon Sweets Airheads
M&Ms Bitesize Cookies Sweets M&M
Skittles Darkside Sweets Nestle
Taffy Town Original Salt Water Taffy Sweets Taffy Town
Big Red Chewing Gum 40 pack Sweets Wrigleys
Jolly Rancher Awesome Twosome Sweets Jolly Rancher
Sour Patch- Cherry Sweets kraft
Lifesavers 5 flavour Sweets Lifesavers
Boston Baked Beans Candy Sweets Ferrara Pan
Tootsie Pop Wild berry flavour Sweets Tootsie
Red Velvet Cupcake Bites Sweets Taste of Nature
Candy Crush Colour Bombs Sweets
Candy Crush Jelly Fish Sweets
Swedish Fish – Theatre Box Sweets
Wonka Nerds Giant Gumball Sweets Wonka
Jelly Belly Sour Box Sweets Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Assorted Box Sweets Jelly Belly
Cupcake Bites Sweets
Laffy Taffy Xmas Theater Box Sweets Wonka
SweetTarts Merry Mix Sweets Wonka
Wonka Xmas Nerds Rope Sweets Wonka
Wonka Laffy Taffy Assorted Chews Tub Sweets Wonka
Wonka Pixy Stix Sweets Wonka
Wonka SweeTart Merry Mix Sweets Wonka
Pop Rocks Bubblegum Sweets
Reeces Puff Cereal Sweets Reeces
Hersheys Take 5 Bar Sweets Hersheys
Demets Bite Size Turtles Sweets Demet
American cow tales Vanilla flavour Sweets Goetzes
American cow tales caramel apple flavour Sweets Goetzes
Charleston Chew Bar Sweets
American cow tales chocolate flavour Sweets Goetzes
American cow tales strawberry flavour Sweets Goetzes
Nestle 100 grand candy bars Sweets Nestle
Airheads orange Sweets Airheads
Goobers Sweets Nestle
Charma Sweet N Sour Pops Sweets Charms
Wonka Hoppin Nerds Sweets Wonka
Cookie Dough Bites- Cookies & Cream Sweets Taste of Nature
Sour patch- Blue Raspberry Sweets
Root Beer Barrels Sweets Shari
Dentyne Fire Cinnamon Gum Sweets Kraft
fruit loops Sweets kellogs
American Fluff 454g Sweets
Baby Ruth Sweets Nestle
Ferrara Pan Appleheads Sweets Ferrara Pan
Hot Tamales Sweets Just Born
Ferrara Pan Cherryheads Sweets Ferrara Pan
Ferrara Pan Lemonheads Sweets Ferrara Pan
Wonka from the love of Nerds Sweets Wonka
Butterfinger Bar Sweets Nestle
Ferrara Pan Grapeheads Sweets Ferrara Pan
Bubblicious cotton candy Sweets
American Fluff- Vanilla flavour Sweets Fluff
Bubblicious grape Sweets
Pearsons Maple Bun Candy Sweets Pearsons
Bubblicious watermelon Sweets
American Angrybirds paradise Sweets
Big Hunk Sweets
Ferrara Pan chewy lemonhead and friends Sweets Ferrara Pan
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Bag Sweets
M&Ms- Dark Chocolate and Mint Sweets M&Ms
Reeses Big Cup Sweets Reeses
American Charms Blowpop lollipops Sweets Charms
Hubba Bubba Dr Pepper Bubble gum (American) Sweets Wrigley
Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble gum (American) Sweets Wrigley
Hubba Bubba Strawberry and Watermelon Bubble gum (American) Sweets Wrigley
Jelly Belly- Beanboozled 3rd edition Sweets Jelly Belly

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