Our Top 10 Sweets

Our top 10 sweets list is not based on any extensive analytical research or long hours spent pouring over performance data. However, we’ve tried to select sweets we know sell well in our shop, across all age ranges and all sweet types including traditional sweets, retro sweets and pick and mix favourites. There are plenty of others we could have included, such as Rhubarb and custards, pontefract cakes, coconut mushrooms- the list could go on and on. If you feel any burning sense of injustice that your own particular favourite is not included in our list, then please send us a review and we will add it on for you.

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Toffee Crumble

Toffee crumble, or its close relation Chocolate nibbles, is a classic ugly duckling of a sweet; not much to look at to begin with, but once tasted forever the prettiest jar on the shelf. For those of you not lucky enough to have tried toffee crumble, all it is is crushed up mis-shaped chocolate bars and M&Ms, squished back together with toffee and treacle to form bite-sized morsels of chocolate loveliness. Affectionately known as rabbit poo (for its strange appearance) by most of the school kids who come to our shop, you may have noticed by my glowing reference, that this is my personal favourite too. In the interests of a varied diet, I sometimes switch to the mint or orange versions but I still think the original is the best.

Jesmona Black Bullets

These are a northern speciality so anyone south of Yorkshire may well not have heard of them. Sold by the quarter, or by the tin, these are hard boiled peppermint sweets which are round and off-black. In fact, they look like an old fashioned musket bullet, hence their name. Particularly popular with Grandads, they also have a fan base in the canine world. One of our regulars picks up a quarter every week for her dog, who must have the freshest breath in the pooch world.

Sour Blue Raspberry bonbons

Whilst these have strong competition within the bonbon world from the more traditional strawberry or toffee varieties, we think these are the best. On the slightly tangy rather than burn a hole in your tongue scale of sourness, its quite easy to polish off a bag of these in 5 minutes flat. You won’t be able to hide your guilty secret if you do though, as your bright blue mouth will be a dead giveaway. Our Shop Assistant is a big fan of these- see if you can spot the blue tongue if you come in on a Saturday!

Aniseed Balls

Boring and over-rated or one of the best sweets ever? We’ll let you decide. These were voted as the all time best retro sweet by one published report, but a quick survey of all the staff at our shop found them to be underwhelming. Nevertheless, Aniseed Balls have been around for donkeys years and are still hugely popular so I guess whoever invented them must have done something right.

Haribo Giant Strawbs

Made by the king of the gums and jellies world, Haribo, these gums look like strawberries and are quite big, so their name is a pretty good description. No 10p mix up is complete without a strawb or two.

Pear Drops

These pear shaped, pear flavoured hard boiled sweets are a stalwart of our traditional sweets from the jar range. They’ve been around a long long time (you can find them in our 1930s and 1940s sweets decade gift boxes), they are popular amongst all generations of sweetie eaters. Made by several different traditional sweets manufacturers, we stock Mitre Small pear drops in our shop, along with a sugar free pear drop version too.

Fish and Chips

Truly a great British retro sweets classic, anyone who was a kid in the 70s will surely remember these. Made from the same white chocolate as white mice, but some are shaped like fish, and some are shaped like chips. We wouldn’t recommend putting salt and vinegar on them though. We sell these in our pick and mix, and they are always hugely popular.

Barnetts Mega Sour Sweets

Made by Barnetts of Nottingham in a range of different flavours, these mega sour boiled sweets are brutal, and too most adult taste buds, inedible. However, they are massively popular with most children under the age of 12. More so, i suspect to trick their unwitting parents or teachers, than for any enjoyable culinary reason. For example, I understand from a customer that a fair few teachers at Valley Gardens Middle School have been “soured”. These are so sour, its painful to eat them- they’ve been known to reduce grown Geordie men to tears. They even come with a health warning on the jar, so if your friend, child or pupil approaches you offering you a round, brightly coloured boiled sweet with what looks like a layer of sugar on the outside (its not, its pure acid!), be very very careful.

Midget Gems

Or as they are known by most customers as “are they the proper midget gems?”, to be clear, it has to be the hard ones and it has to be liquorice not blackcurrant. In other words, the only proper midget gems are the Lion Midget Gems, anything else is a poor imitation. We get through tons of these along with the proper Sports Mixtures, also made by Lion.

Fizzy Bubble Bottles

Blue and pink and shaped like cola bottles, these are fizzy, tangy and taste a bit like bubble gum. I don’t remember these from my Woolies pick and mix days so i guess they are fairly new invention- they seem to be most popular with kids of the 80s and 90s so my guess is that this is when they first made their debut in the sweetie world. Dead nice though, if you haven’t tried them we recommend you give them a try.

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